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Medicare Open Enrollment

October 15, 2014 Through December 07, 2015


Health Insurance

November 15, 2014 Through February 15, 2015

Urgent Open Enrollment Information

Under Obamacare, Medicare and private health insurance customers must make any changes, renewals, or cancellations of their policies during specific enrollment periods. Those periods have arrived for 2015. Call now: 1-800-771-7758.

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We offer free California health insurance quotes from all of the reputable insurance providers below and more. Call today for immediate assistance and the lowest rates on health insurance or double your money back*.

California Health Insurance

Agents Certified By Covered CA

Covered CA is the official state health insurance exchange that was created by the ACA or 'Affordable Care Act' (referred to affectionately by its opponents as Obamacare) to provide consumers with a reliable benchmark for the sale of California health insurance as well accurate and up-to-date information on state healthcare reform. When you hear someone refer to Covered California they are talking about a web address, not a physical location or company. 

Covered CA is a marketplace where California health insurance companies apply to have their  California health insurance products included in the official Covered CA health insurance marketplace. This means that not all health insurance products will be available on the exchange, and that there are still alternatives to purchasing a new Obamacare plan via Covered CA. Our agents are certified to sell California health insurance plans both on and off of the official Covered California market. If you buy an off-exchange plan however, it may not meet minimum essential care(MEC) requirements outlined by the ACA, which means that you will need to pay the tax penalty for 'failure to enroll in a plan that meets MEC requirements'.

In any case, our agents are certified by the Covered California health insurance market to sell California health plans either on or off of the exchange, so we can get you the appropriate coverage for your family and children without breaking the bank- guaranteed. Call today to speak with a qualified and helpful SkyAgent® about your California health insurance options in 2015. 

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